I have seen this post around Facebook, so I figured why not answer these questions on Emojiday!


💞Favorite smell – lavender
💵First Job – Life Guard 
🏥Dream job – Stay at Home mom. I would be much more active in PTO for the school and would rather volunteer my time with animals.
🦀Astrological Sign – Aquarius
⛹🏻‍♀️Favorite foot attire – Tennis shoes
🍫Favorite candy – Reese’s
🍦Favorite ice cream – Vanilla with mini chocolate chips.
🤯Pet peeves Negative behavior.
👂🏻What are you listening to now- Silence!
🍅 Favorite condiment Mustard
🎄Favorite Holiday – Christmas. I love giving!
🎬Favorite movie – My Girl.
🍸Favorite day of week – Saturday.
🦒 Favorite animal – Dolphin.
Tattoos – None.
🍳Like to cook- Sometimes.
🏎Can you drive a manual transmission? No.
💛Favorite color – Pink.
🥦Do you like veggies- Yes.
🥤Favorite Beverage – Dr. Pepper.
👓Do you wear glasses? – When I am driving or when I feel like it.
Favorite season – Summer.
🌍Dream travel destination – Hawaii.

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