Music Monday

Annie was one of the first musicals I saw when I was a child. I have gone many time to The Muny to see it. The Muny is an outdoor theater that St. Louis has in Forest Park. There are even free seats if you get there early. Enjoy this clip from YouTube about Annie at The Muny!


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I have seen this post around Facebook, so I figured why not answer these questions on Emojiday!


💞Favorite smell – lavender
💵First Job – Life Guard 
🏥Dream job – Stay at Home mom. I would be much more active in PTO for the school and would rather volunteer my time with animals.
🦀Astrological Sign – Aquarius
⛹🏻‍♀️Favorite foot attire – Tennis shoes
🍫Favorite candy – Reese’s
🍦Favorite ice cream – Vanilla with mini chocolate chips.
🤯Pet peeves Negative behavior.
👂🏻What are you listening to now- Silence!
🍅 Favorite condiment Mustard
🎄Favorite Holiday – Christmas. I love giving!
🎬Favorite movie – My Girl.
🍸Favorite day of week – Saturday.
🦒 Favorite animal – Dolphin.
Tattoos – None.
🍳Like to cook- Sometimes.
🏎Can you drive a manual transmission? No.
💛Favorite color – Pink.
🥦Do you like veggies- Yes.
🥤Favorite Beverage – Dr. Pepper.
👓Do you wear glasses? – When I am driving or when I feel like it.
Favorite season – Summer.
🌍Dream travel destination – Hawaii.

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