Music Monday

Annie was one of the first musicals I saw when I was a child. I have gone many time to The Muny to see it. The Muny is an outdoor theater that St. Louis has in Forest Park. There are even free seats if you get there early. Enjoy this clip from YouTube about Annie at The Muny!


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Comic Con

A few weekends ago we went Comic Con at the St. Charles Convention Center. We have never been to one before and everyone was very excited! Ethan brought his friend with him and they had a great time walking around seeing all of the vendor.

Randy, Ethan and I went to Kohl’s before and picked up some new shirts for the event on Sunday.
Everyone got a free comic book for going. Randy and I gave ours to Ethan to that he could have more than one comic book to read once he got home.
While walking around and visiting the booths we got to meet and chat with many different artist. There are so many talented people in the world! One person I really enjoyed talking to was a spray painter. He even did a live demonstration! It was amazing to watch! He used different bowls and cups to make his art along with towels and rags. It was so neat to watch. Afterwards he sold both of the paintings he did.
Oh, funny story about that! I sat down by the stage before he started and I asked Ethan and his friend to come over and watch with us. Ethan got frustrated and didn’t want to watch, but once it started and finished he said,  “wow! That was really cool.” See, mom’s know best!
We went on Sunday, but leanred that on Saturday there were more people there in cosplay, so we plan on going next year on Saturday to see more costumes. We might even dres up next time!
Ethan and his friend, Blake fixing their hair with their new switchblade combs.
Have you ever been to a Comic Con or done cosplay? I think it was a really neat excpereince that everyone should do at least one time so that you can see the many great artist out there!
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National Selfie Day 2018

Randy, Ethan and I all went to dinner today and while we were there I told them that it is national selfie day and that we should take a photo. Let me just tell you my boys do not always enjoy taking photos. They even told me that a selfie is not with a group, it is with a single person so I needed to take the photo with just me in it! Yes

That got me to think… is that true? I just figure if the phone is facing in front of you and you are taking a photo of you and others then it’s a selfie! I decided to look it up to get the proper definition and this is what I found on dictionary.com: a photograph taken with a smartphone or other digital camera by a person who is also in the photograph, especially for posting on a social media website.

So, it doesn’t tell you how many people! Oh dear! What do you think?

Since the boys didn’t let me take a photo I grouped together some of my favorite selfies!

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What we did on Sunday.

This past Sunday was Father’s Day. My husband and I woke up and went over to my parents house and gave my dad a card and special light bulbs that he can use with the Alexa that will turn on and off after you ask it to.

Next we met up with my sister, Kim, her husband, Joe and their kids Logan and Owen. We met at Gus’s Pretzels which is a St. Louis pretzel shop. It is delicious! They also have windows where you can see the workers making the pretzels too. Logan had me hold him up so that he could see many times. Everyone enjoyed their pretzels!

After we were finished at Gus’s we went to Anheuser Busch and did a brewery tour. Our tour guide was great! She made jokes and just had fun with us. We even got to see a few stallion horses! Logan figured out that one of the horses names was Lloyd! He even got to hold one of the horse shoe! It was super big compared to normal size horses! We toured around most of the place and then at the end spent some time at the museum that they have. The very last thing we did was take the bus back to the beginning and Logan was so very excited about this part. He literally grabbed my hand and yelled out mom/dad we are going to the bus to ride it now! Once we were on the bus he was clapping his hands and was telling everyone how excited he was. I was lucky enough to get some photos with him on it and he had one big smile!

Everyone 21 years and older got free samples of beer multiple times and also a chip to use at the end of the tour to use at the resterount. I dont drink beer, so I gave mine to my dad! Lets just say he was feeling pretty good by the end!

Once we were finished there we went to Hodak’s for dinner and then Ted Drews for desert! Ted Drew’s is famous in St. Louis for there frozen custard. The lines are long, but they go fast and with worth every bit of it! It was yummy in my tummy!

It was so much fun spending time with family. Thanks for reading!

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