A few weekends ago we went Comic Con at the St. Charles Convention Center. We have never been to one before and everyone was very excited! Ethan brought his friend with him and they had a great time walking around seeing all of the vendor.

Randy, Ethan and I went to Kohl’s before and picked up some new shirts for the event on Sunday.
Everyone got a free comic book for going. Randy and I gave ours to Ethan to that he could have more than one comic book to read once he got home.
While walking around and visiting the booths we got to meet and chat with many different artist. There are so many talented people in the world! One person I really enjoyed talking to was a spray painter. He even did a live demonstration! It was amazing to watch! He used different bowls and cups to make his art along with towels and rags. It was so neat to watch. Afterwards he sold both of the paintings he did.
Oh, funny story about that! I sat down by the stage before he started and I asked Ethan and his friend to come over and watch with us. Ethan got frustrated and didn’t want to watch, but once it started and finished he said,  “wow! That was really cool.” See, mom’s know best!
We went on Sunday, but leanred that on Saturday there were more people there in cosplay, so we plan on going next year on Saturday to see more costumes. We might even dres up next time!
Ethan and his friend, Blake fixing their hair with their new switchblade combs.
Have you ever been to a Comic Con or done cosplay? I think it was a really neat excpereince that everyone should do at least one time so that you can see the many great artist out there!
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