Thankful November Day 1

Happy November! During the month of November I am going to write each day about something or someone I am thankful for. Yes, I know many people do this already, but I am excited to do it this year because I am going to try and think outside of the normal things we are thankful for in some post.

November 1st I am thankful for my immediate family. You might ask… Who is in my immediate family? Well, to answer your question that would be Randy (my husband) and Ethan (our son). Family might be defied as a group of people who are related to each other, but its more than that. It is an irreplaceable, magical bond between us. It is love an support!
Randy and Ethan bring so much joy to my life! I am so thankful to have these two. They both get a long so well its surprising that they aren’t actually blood related. These two make my world go around! I enjoy everything we do together.
What are you thankful for today?
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I have seen this post around Facebook, so I figured why not answer these questions on Emojiday!


💞Favorite smell – lavender
💵First Job – Life Guard 
🏥Dream job – Stay at Home mom. I would be much more active in PTO for the school and would rather volunteer my time with animals.
🦀Astrological Sign – Aquarius
⛹🏻‍♀️Favorite foot attire – Tennis shoes
🍫Favorite candy – Reese’s
🍦Favorite ice cream – Vanilla with mini chocolate chips.
🤯Pet peeves Negative behavior.
👂🏻What are you listening to now- Silence!
🍅 Favorite condiment Mustard
🎄Favorite Holiday – Christmas. I love giving!
🎬Favorite movie – My Girl.
🍸Favorite day of week – Saturday.
🦒 Favorite animal – Dolphin.
Tattoos – None.
🍳Like to cook- Sometimes.
🏎Can you drive a manual transmission? No.
💛Favorite color – Pink.
🥦Do you like veggies- Yes.
🥤Favorite Beverage – Dr. Pepper.
👓Do you wear glasses? – When I am driving or when I feel like it.
Favorite season – Summer.
🌍Dream travel destination – Hawaii.

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Music Monday- Respect

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! This weekend we did a lot of cleaning and organizing! It has felt so good to let go of some things we no longer want or use.

Ethan, our son has been grounded since last Saturday for being disrespectful to his step-mom and so this weeks song is Respect by Aretha Franklin. He has been pretty good since he has been back to our house, but he is still grounded.

Enjoy the song and have a good day!


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