Thankful November Day 2

I am so thankful for my mom and dad. They are both still living healthy. I know not everyone have their parents in their lives and I am so thankful that mine still are. I do not know what I would do without them. They have always been so supportive!

They have shown me how to be a better wife, mother and person. Their relationship is one that inspires me and I hope my marriage will mirror theirs.

Thank you for teaching me all the great kid things like riding a bike and then showing me how to be a better adult every day.

Thank you for all you do for my family and I.

Thank you for reading!

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Thankful November Day 1

Happy November! During the month of November I am going to write each day about something or someone I am thankful for. Yes, I know many people do this already, but I am excited to do it this year because I am going to try and think outside of the normal things we are thankful for in some post.

November 1st I am thankful for my immediate family. You might ask… Who is in my immediate family? Well, to answer your question that would be Randy (my husband) and Ethan (our son). Family might be defied as a group of people who are related to each other, but its more than that. It is an irreplaceable, magical bond between us. It is love an support!
Randy and Ethan bring so much joy to my life! I am so thankful to have these two. They both get a long so well its surprising that they aren’t actually blood related. These two make my world go around! I enjoy everything we do together.
What are you thankful for today?
Thanks for reading.
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Music Monday

Annie was one of the first musicals I saw when I was a child. I have gone many time to The Muny to see it. The Muny is an outdoor theater that St. Louis has in Forest Park. There are even free seats if you get there early. Enjoy this clip from YouTube about Annie at The Muny!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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Comic Con

A few weekends ago we went Comic Con at the St. Charles Convention Center. We have never been to one before and everyone was very excited! Ethan brought his friend with him and they had a great time walking around seeing all of the vendor.

Randy, Ethan and I went to Kohl’s before and picked up some new shirts for the event on Sunday.
Everyone got a free comic book for going. Randy and I gave ours to Ethan to that he could have more than one comic book to read once he got home.
While walking around and visiting the booths we got to meet and chat with many different artist. There are so many talented people in the world! One person I really enjoyed talking to was a spray painter. He even did a live demonstration! It was amazing to watch! He used different bowls and cups to make his art along with towels and rags. It was so neat to watch. Afterwards he sold both of the paintings he did.
Oh, funny story about that! I sat down by the stage before he started and I asked Ethan and his friend to come over and watch with us. Ethan got frustrated and didn’t want to watch, but once it started and finished he said,  “wow! That was really cool.” See, mom’s know best!
We went on Sunday, but leanred that on Saturday there were more people there in cosplay, so we plan on going next year on Saturday to see more costumes. We might even dres up next time!
Ethan and his friend, Blake fixing their hair with their new switchblade combs.
Have you ever been to a Comic Con or done cosplay? I think it was a really neat excpereince that everyone should do at least one time so that you can see the many great artist out there!
Thanks for reading.
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I have seen this post around Facebook, so I figured why not answer these questions on Emojiday!


💞Favorite smell – lavender
💵First Job – Life Guard 
🏥Dream job – Stay at Home mom. I would be much more active in PTO for the school and would rather volunteer my time with animals.
🦀Astrological Sign – Aquarius
⛹🏻‍♀️Favorite foot attire – Tennis shoes
🍫Favorite candy – Reese’s
🍦Favorite ice cream – Vanilla with mini chocolate chips.
🤯Pet peeves Negative behavior.
👂🏻What are you listening to now- Silence!
🍅 Favorite condiment Mustard
🎄Favorite Holiday – Christmas. I love giving!
🎬Favorite movie – My Girl.
🍸Favorite day of week – Saturday.
🦒 Favorite animal – Dolphin.
Tattoos – None.
🍳Like to cook- Sometimes.
🏎Can you drive a manual transmission? No.
💛Favorite color – Pink.
🥦Do you like veggies- Yes.
🥤Favorite Beverage – Dr. Pepper.
👓Do you wear glasses? – When I am driving or when I feel like it.
Favorite season – Summer.
🌍Dream travel destination – Hawaii.

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Music Monday- Respect

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! This weekend we did a lot of cleaning and organizing! It has felt so good to let go of some things we no longer want or use.

Ethan, our son has been grounded since last Saturday for being disrespectful to his step-mom and so this weeks song is Respect by Aretha Franklin. He has been pretty good since he has been back to our house, but he is still grounded.

Enjoy the song and have a good day!


Thanks for reading and listening!

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Great Dad’s

My husband, Randy made a video for Father’s Day I need to share! It has all of the best dad’s I know. I hope each of them enjoyed their day and I am so happy that Randy is able to save these memories for us in the future. I am sure Ethan (my son), Logan and Owen (my sister’s kiddo’s) will be able to look at the videos he made it will bring a smile to their face!

Here it is! Remember, we went to Anheuser Busch Brewery.


Thanks for reading and watching!

Hope you have a wonderful Day!

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Music Monday

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed your weekend! This week I am posting Martina McBride’s song Happy Girl.

Martin a McBride was at the Fair St. Louis on Saturday!
When I was in middle school I would go over to my friends house and we would blare this on the radio and sing to it. We would dance around, sing really loud and just have so much fun! Man do I miss having those big boom boxes sometimes! We were so cool then! Today I will reach out Kirsten, my friend since I have no talked to her in such a long time! We used to do so much together. For now, enjoy this oldie, but goodie!

Thanks for reading and enjoying the song today! I hope your Monday goes good!

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Every Day

Every single day I listen to a podcast! Most of the time it is on my way to work or on my way home. If I have time throughout the day to listen, I will also listen then too. Today I will make a list of the ones that I have already listened to and I think you would enjoy too.

How it is by Hello Sunshine with Reese Witherspoon and Diane Guerrero! This podcast is by far my most favorite! It has made me laugh, cry and just feel empowered! I recommended it to everyone! The first season is over, so I cannot wait and hope for a second!

The Minimalists with Josh and Ryan. They talk to us about how to live life minimally! I have decided that I too would like to do that, but not to the extreme that they are. Well, I wouldn’t call them extreme, but I for sure will have more “stuff” than they would. They have been pod-casting for a while now and I still have not finished all of their episodes, because I am a podcast bouncer!

This is Love is a podcast about LOVE! There are 6 episodes and each one is a little different than the other. I think the 2nd and 3rd are my favorite of the 6 episodes, but I recommend listening to all! Another season will came out in the fall. Hopefully they will have more than six episodes!

Coffee Convos hosted by Kail Lowery from Teen Mom 2 and  Lindsie Chrisley of USA Network’s Chrisley Knows Best. They are both pretty funny and its nice to see a totally different side of their lives! I look forward to it every Wednesday! They talk about stars, motherhood and being totally opposite.

Ear Hustle between Nigel Poor, a Bay Area visual artist, Earloone Woods, who is currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison and was co-founded with fellow inmate Antwan Williams. This podcast keeps it real! They tell you all about prison life and I never thought it would be so interesting, but it really is! Oh, and the music and beats on it are amazing!

Caught is about the juvenile detention system and how it is being a kid/teen there. You get to hear about how it has change their lives forever! I will never forget the episode where one of the kids said that they just want someone to love them, even if its for a second! How sad! Gosh, it makes me want to help them so much more!

Its happening with Snooki and her gay best friend Joey! They are so funny together! They talk about celebs and anything and everything!

Dirty John I binge listened to over a weekend! It was interesting it is about a successful woman that found a man that was everything she was hoping for! Her daughters end up night liking him find out why in the podcast. It was one I couldn’t put down!

Couples therapy with Casey and Candice. They talk about their life and the therapy that they go through. It is newer and so far I have liked it. They keep it real and honest discussing their relationship and how to make it better.

Whine Down is with Jana Kramer and her good friend. They discuss a little of everything! Relationships, infertility, divorce, parenting, mediums, and sex. She has on guest and its great to just whine down and listen!

Let me know the ones you like and I will give them a try. Have you listened to any of the ones I listed?

Thanks for reading!

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The 4th, like no other.

The 4th of July has always been spent with family. We used to have our family from Oklahoma come in town for it too. Now that we have all gotten older and some with our own families now we have started o do things a little different. This is the first year I have not been with my mom and dad to celebrate the 4th of July. While it was different, it was still fun!

This year the 4th of July was on a weekday, Wednesday! Let me just say, that was the only day off at my day job and the entire rest of the week was tiresome!

On July the 3rd we went over to a friend’s house and watched firer works that their neighbors did. Let me just say it was not at a big park, but it sure was just as awesome! The best part was we got to spend time with friends and Ethan got to play with his friends while we chatted with ours. We were also really close to our house so it was nice that we did not have to sit in a long line to get on the highway to head home.

During the day on the 4th Ethan and I went swimming at the local pool. We held our breath underwater to see who could do it the longest, we did headstands to see who’s was better, then we went down slides and I taught him how to dive.


Ethan and I swimming.

In the evening we went over to the same friends house and let all the boys shoot of firer works in the evening. They had a blast doing that while we watched and chatted. We had deserts and snacks over their too! It was so much fun.



Sparkler fun!!

Randy took photo’s and video! He is so talented! I am one lucky lady to have such a talented man!

Do you have any family traditions that you do for the 4th? How do you celebrate?

Thanks for reading!

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